1 Free 10Kg Trial Bag Of Easy-Logs Briquettes

  • Vendor: The Briquette Company
  • Type: Briquettes

£0.00 - £9.59

 Quality 80mm briquettes the perfect size for your average log burner or stove.  Each 10Kg bag of Easy-Logs contains around 33 briquettes, allowing you to moderate the temperature of your log burner. They will have your log burner up to temperature in under 10 minutes, see the video in the Easy-Log section of our site

Beautifully packaged in our lovely bag with carry handle. Full instructions and burning tips on the reverse of bag. Once lit don't poke them, just let them do there stuff.
We've tested them on most brands of Log-Burners including Clearview, Morso, Dovre, Stovax, AGA, Dunsley, Villager, Esse, etc

 ONE PER HOUSE HOLD. P&P £3.50 Or £9.59 This is just to cover the cost of our local delivery's or the price that City Link charge for national delivery's of this weight.